Our Eco Products

Here at Harrison EDS, we are continuing to minimise our impact on the environment and our aim is that 100% of the fabric we print is either recycled or upcycled. We are committed to reducing our waste output and want to help like-minded customers to achieve their sustainability goals.

Meet our EnviroFamily:

We have worked with a leading fabric manufacturer to develop Enviroflag, our very own environmentally friendly alternative to knitted polyester that can be used as a replacement for all our flags and feather flags. Our revolutionary material is made from recycled plastic items, such as single-use PET plastic bottles and industrial polyester waste, which has been fragmented down in to tiny chips that are melted in to liquid plastic and spun into yarn that is then knitted to form the material. Enviroflag has the same durability, strength and versatility of it’s knitted polyester equivalent but with a much lower environmental impact. All of our Enviroflag products can also be upcycled at the end of their life through our Fabric Upcycling Scheme.



Envirobanner is a lightweight alternative to PVC that’s ideal as an environmentally-friendly replacement for banners and backdrops. Made from 100% recycled material, including single-use PET bottles, it has a much more environmentally-friendly production process compared to PVC whilst offering the same excellent colour quality and overall durability. Envirobanner is resistant to stains, washable and fire resistant as well as being up to 50% lighter than many PVC materials which results in easier transportation and storage of the material when not in use.



Foamline is an environmentally friendly alternative to Foamex, offering a PVC-free display solution for your temporary signage needs that does not compromise on quality. It is 25% stronger and 75% more rigid than Foamex and has a scratch resistant surface to keep your graphics looking their best.  Foamline is 30% less brittle than Foamex so it will perform well in high traffic areas. It can also withstand a much wider variation in temperatures so it’s a perfect indoor or outdoor solution. Foamline is also a totally opaque product that makes it ideal for double sided printing as it delivers excellent colour vibrancy with no light transmission. Overall, Foamline is an excellent replacement for all print and signage applications whilst also being kinder to the environment.

Bubble Board is made up from up to 25% recycled content and is 100% recyclable at the end of its life, making it an excellent choice for temporary signage when considering the environment. Due to its cellular structure Bubble Board is lighter than Correx yet exceptionally rigid and, unlike Correx that has fluted walls, it will not bend or crease when subjected to high winds or other pressures. Bubble Board also has good resistance to impact and won’t chip or mark, making it perfect for high traffic areas both indoors and outdoors. Its smooth, matte white surface allows for excellent print quality and enhanced vibrancy.



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