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At Harrison EDS, we are committed to minimising our impact on the environment and our aim is that 100% of the fabric we print is either recycled or upcycled. We are dedicated to reducing our waste output and are here to help like-minded customers achieve their sustainability goals.

Meet EnviroFamily

We are the pioneers of eco-friendly flags, banners and display products in the UK having launched a range of products that are not only kinder to our environment but in many cases also a superior product to mainstream alternatives. As many of our products enable for the hardware to be re-used over and over again, the lifetime cost of the product is much less than low cost, lower quality through away solutions already available.


Working alongside a leading fabric manufacturer we have developed Enviroflag, an environmentally friendly alternative to knitted polyester that can be used as a replacement for all our flags and feather flags.

What makes this product green?
This eco-friendly promotional product is made from recycled plastic items, such as single-use PET plastic bottles and industrial polyester waste, which has been fragmented down into tiny chips that are melted into liquid plastic and spun into yarn that is then knitted to form the material.

• Enviroflag has the same durability, strength and versatility of its knitted polyester equivalent
• Low environmental impact
• Enviroflag products can also be upcycled at the end of their life through our Fabric Upcycling Scheme.


Envirobanner is a lightweight alternative to PVC that’s ideal as an environmentally-friendly replacement for banners and backdrops.

What makes this product green?
Our eco-banners are made from 100% recycled material, including single-use PET bottles, it has a much more environmentally-friendly production process compared to PVC whilst offering the same excellent colour quality and overall durability.
• Made from 100% recycled materials
• Envirobanner is resistant to stains, washable and fire resistant
• It is 50% lighter than many traditional PVC products, making for easier transportation, placement and storage.


Foamline is a smart and environmentally friendly alternative to Foamex, offering an excellent ethical solution for print and signage products.

What makes this product green?
This product is completely PVC free, instead this product uses a material called polypropylene, a more neutral recyclable alternative to PCV.

• 100% recyclable – a truly eco-friendly alternative to Foamex
• It is 25% stronger and 75% more rigid than its traditional alternative
• A scratch resistant surface ensures your graphics stay looking their best
• It can withstand a much wider variation in temperatures so it’s a perfect indoor or outdoor solution.
• It is completely opaque, making it ideal for double sided printing as it delivers excellent colour vibrancy with no light transmission.
• Thinner and lighter than alternates, it makes transportation and handling a breeze.


This completely PVC free product is ideal for temporary indoor and outdoor signage. Environmentally friendly and superior product features to its alternative Correx, it makes for a smart choice for any event.

What makes this product green?
Bubble Board is made up from up to 25% recycled content and is 100% recyclable at the end of its life. It’s superior features make for a more robust solution that gives longer product life.

• Due to its cellular structure Bubble Board is both lighter and more rigid than Correx, meaning it can withstand high winds and pressure,
• Chip and mark resistant.
• Its smooth, matte white surface allows for excellent print quality and enhanced vibrancy.


This innovative large format product the perfect environmentally friendly alternative to PVC mesh. Perfect for scrim, roll-out branding, large format printing and barrier jackets.

What makes this product green?
Geomesh is completely PVC free and is also 100% recyclable. As it is a lighter product, its carbon footprint is also significantly reduced.

• Lighter and softer than PVC mesh, making it easier to transport, store and erect.
• Scratch resistant
• Suitable resistant
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
• Meets OEKO-TEX Standard 100
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The perfect solution for a variety of  event products, Envirodisplay can be used for backdrops and table clothes or teamed with the Bravura range for eco-friendly display solutions.

What makes this product green?

Envirodisplay is a polyester material made from 100% recycled plastic waste that would otherwise end up polluting our planet. It is 100% recyclable and can be handed back to us for further recycling once you’re finished it.
• As strong and as durable as virgin polyester
• Fire resistant
• Meets OEKO TEX standard 100

Team Envirodisplay with the Bravura range and say no to rollerbanners

End the use of single use displays by teaming our Envirodisplay graphic sleeve with the Bravura stand range. The Bravura range is easy to assemble, lightweight and the feet are made from recycled aluminium and plastic.

Reasons why this is better solution than rollerbanners:

•Save money in the long-term.

•The Envirdosplay graphic sleeve is made from 100% recycled polyester
• This graphic sleeve can be recycled again once your campaign is over, simply hand it back to us and we’ll recycle it.
• Your future campaign graphics can be printed on eco-friendly sleeve, minimising the carbon footprint during the products lifetime.
• Various sizes are available. View the whole Bravura range.






Use our eco-friendly handwaver flags to attract attention but minimise your impact on the environment. Perfect for promotional events and celebrations.

What makes this product green?

This promotional product is if made from biodegradable paper and paper sticks, meaning this product is 100% recyclable.
• Minimum order of 100 units.
• Biodegradable
• 100% recyclable


Instantly add a fun element to your event display, whether its indoors or outdoors. With Envirobunting, you can create impactful branding with minimal environmental impact.

What makes this product green?
The synthetic paper is made from high density polyethelyne HDPE and is pulp free, meaning zero impact on forest resources. What’s more the manufacturing process uses five times less water than traditional paper production. The bunting triangles are joined by polypropelyne webbing which can also be recycled.

• 100% recyclable
• Minimum water usage during production
• Waterproof and tearproof

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