Tri-Side Totems

Give your brand impact with our tri-side totem, an indoor three-sided display that’s been specifically produced for the automotive industry for use in showrooms. The tri-side totem offers brand visibility in all directions to make sure your messages get noticed, why not display a different design on each side for maximum exposure?


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The tri-side totem measures 2 metres tall and each side measures 50cm. The sleek black frame comes with compact, low profile black feet and folds flat for ease of transportation and storage. The tensioned fabric fits neatly over the frame to create a crease-free display.


Fabric Knitted polyester

Size 200cm x 50cm (each side)

Shape Triangular 3-sided design

Automotive Displays

We have a wide range of portable display solutions that are perfect for branding your car showroom or forecourt, using only the best quality materials and fabrics to ensure your messages make a lasting impression.

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